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Appeal from Chithralekha Rehabilitation Committee

Appeal from Chithralekha Rehabilitation Committee



Chithralekha Punaradhivasa Committee

Kannur 2

Since 25th October 2014, for the last 77 days1, Chithralekha and her family have been on a constant day-and-night strike in front of the Kannur collectorate for her right to work and earn her livelihood, and demanding that social justice be dispensed.


 This legitimate strike has garnered the support of several media persons, political organizations, community organizations, human rights activists, and many concerned citizens.

Despite this, there has been no response from the government. The state is maintaining indifference to this strike citing technicalities. A decade has passed since violence against Chithralekha and her family started, but to date, no lasting solution has been proposed by the concerned authorities.

Hence, it has been decided by the Chithralekha Punaradhivasa Committee (Chithralekha Rehabilitation Committee) that includes the Strike Committee and Chithralekha herself, to buy a 5-cent plot of land in the Suburbs of Kannur on which to build a house. Moving away from her native town of Payyanur will afford her some safety, and still enable her to earn her livelihood by driving her auto rickshaw in Kannur.

Dharna Oct 2014 - Chitralekha


In her current situation, Chithralekha is unable to secure the finances – around ten lakh rupees – required to buy a plot of land and build a house all by herself. Therefore we request all large-hearted people to extend their support to Chithralekha for this purpose, so that she can live in an atmosphere free of fear, and can work and earn her livelihood without being subjected to further problems.

chitralekha sahaya 1

Deposits may be made out in the name of the Rehabilitation Committee members T.P.R Nath, Munderi Balakrishanan, or Chithralekha to the account number 14610100086255, The Federal Bank LTD, Civil Station Road, Kannur (IFSC Code: FDRL0001461). We look forward to your support.

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Chithralekha Rehabilitation Committee

Fr Dr Zacharia Kaloor (Trustee) , Mobile: 9446914114

T P R Nath (Chairman), Mobile: 9496835226

Munderi Balakrishnan (General Secretary), Mobile: 9497838656

Chithralekha, Mobile: 9961877456

Shuhaib Muhammad

Prabhakaran Narath

Premarajan A.



1. This is a literal translation of the appeal notice that we are reproducing as such, although on the date of publication in Round Table India, this strike will have gone on to its 82nd day.



Translation: Sruthi Herbert
Photos Courtesy: Rakesh Ram S


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