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Harassed for Standing with Kashmir: Interview with Rupesh Kumar & Afthab Ellath

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  Round Table India Recently, on 18th July, sixteen individuals who gathered in Kannur, Kerala, to discuss the ongoing situation in Kashmir and to express solidarity with the Kashmiris were arrested by the police. In this interview, Round Table India talks with two of the arrested: documentary film-maker Rupesh Kumar, and social media activist Afthab …


Caste, CPI(M) and Chithralekha


  Rakesh Ram S 26th December 2014.  Today Chithralekha, the Dalit woman autodriver, entered the 64th day of her night and day dharna (to death) in front of the Kannur collectorate. She has been fighting the CPI(M)/DYFI/CITU in Kannur since 2005.  Despite numerous protests and resultant promises from the government attacks continue to happen on Chithralekha, …


The Decent Society!

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  Sanjana Krishnan The anger and frustration of living in a time and space where decency and morality are constructs decided by privileges of caste and class… India, as a country is at a certain juncture in history where there is absolute confusion about ideals of morality, decency, justice, respect, rights, shame and stigma. While …