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Everything for equality

Everything for equality



Inspired by a fakir who collected sunflowers and shone like the Sun, many other fakirs followed the footsteps of this hero of the voiceless. Namdeo Dhasal was one such giant poet.



Namdeo has injected the attitude of militancy, rebellion in his poetry and the legacy of his poetry has nourished three generations of poets. Namdeo, the son of a butcher, confronted oppressors with solid vehemence and settled his accounts with the oppressive system of caste.

Poets like him who challenged and criticised even the existence of the Sun, are born only once in a century. His first death anniversary falls on 15th January, 2015, and on this occasion the ‘Namdeo Dhasal Felicitation Committee’ is organising a program called ‘Sarv Kahi Samishtisathi’ (‘Everything for Equality’) to mark the day and celebrate the legacy of his maverick poetry.

In the said program, we are going to organise the screening of movies based on his life. The program will also include sessions on illustrated poems, exhibitions, ballad singing, poetry reading, discussions, and documentaries. This program is going to be held on 15th January at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi, Dadar.

 All lovers of Dhasal’s poetry must participate in the program and make it a celebration of his legacy. We also intend to raise the expenditure of the program through the participation of people and their generous help. Hence we request you all to help us make it successful by donating generously according to the best of your ability.

Your sincerely,

Namdeo Dhasal Felicitation Committee

 Bank details

Bank – State Bank of Hyderabad, Kamathwade branch, Nashik, Maharashtra
Ac No – 62274459222
IFSC code – SBHY 0021196


For more details, please call us on the following numbers: 

 Vaibhav Chayya: 8149752712
Avinash Kinkar: 8237335930
Vaibhav Kamble: 8080737059

 Jai Bhim