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Ambedkar is the Father of the Constitution of India.  Constitutions are the Primary Law of the Countries.  That is so in any Nation.  Constitution is the foundation on which every Institution and all Laws, the New Ones must spring, and all other Institutions and Laws – the old and existing ones must be in conformity with, to survive exist and be applicable and enforceable.

Ambedkar is the Father of Indian Constitution.  For many with some ideological reservations or caste considerations, rise some mental blocks to concede this in public.  Assuming he is not the Father of the Indian Constitution, he can not be brushed aside, as the Constitution of India is intrinsically associated with him, he was for years involved whole time with it, during its framing.  So is he the framer of the Constitution of India.  Perhaps not.  There was the Constituent Assembly.  There was its Chairman.  And there were so many large number of Members, who were very much interested, and were actively participating in the framing of the Constitution.  So it may not be really right to say that he was the framer of the Indian Constitution, or the sole Member who framed the Constitution.  Perhaps not.  Was he the one who drafted it?  Certainly not?  Was he the one who wrote it?  No!  And then what was he, so closely associated with it.  It is for each one of us to decide for ourselves.

Ambedkar definitely was there, and he was the one who went through the entire Constitution of India, Clause by Clause. He often phrased many of them, rephrased modified rewrote and replaced them whenever required, as and when the need for them was felt.  He then legally hammered them in the words and appropriate grammatical tenses, to give them a shape, and finally make each class acceptable.  That was necessary, to muster full or adequate support in the Constituent Assembly, to finally pass each one of them, as binding and enforceable Constitutional Provisions.  So, in the end, Ambedkar was definitely the real maker of the Indian Constitution. And then, Ambedkar as so close and intimate maker of the Constitution of India, if he was not the Father of the Indian Constitution, who else could be?

 Ambedkar’s thoughts ideas ideals explanations arguments defence and wisdom, for each one of those debated and hotly contested clauses and provisions, are very much there. They could be found in the Constituent Assembly Debates and Speeches, as he himself personally explained and justified why a provision was made, its meaning purposes desirability goal and effect.  He also had clearly clarified, why what-for and what actually a word meant for both the Constitution and the Country, to make it clear, why they were all so made and built into the Constitution, as the Constitution was made.  I wish we all recognise his hard-work and great sincere contributions.

 A Constitution so meticulously made, and sincerely framed, I am sure will survive, and we will all respect, admire it truly and honestly, from the depth of our hearts. And I hope, we will also be honestly grateful and indebted to Baba Saheb Dr Ambedkar, for his contributions in making the Constitution.  I personally regret at times, for many things as they are today.  But then,

 I always wish that Ambedkar is there, and his great ideas ideals and wisdom will prevail in the Courts, and come out from there as the Spirit of the People and their own Constitution.