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Why Dhamma Chakra Parivartan Deen on 14 Oct – Reasons & Celebration

Why Dhamma Chakra Parivartan Deen on 14 Oct – Reasons & Celebration

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Wishing you all on the occasion of Dhamma Chakra Parivartan Deen – 14 Oct in the remembrance of Sunday 14 Oct 1956. Keep Rising, Keep Growing and Keep moving Babasaheb’s mission ahead and ahead till all our downtrodden brothers and sisters secure their human rights.
Some of the facts which many people wanted to know. [ I had concluded the same points during the discussion of this issue on oct 2004 at BC and other yahoo forums ]

1. Dr. Babasaheb has started celebrating Buddha Jayanti since 1950 but never ever said anything about “Ashoka & VijayaDashmi” .

2. Dr. Babasaheb has written volumes of literature ( published/un- published ) but never ever mentioned anything about “Ashoka VijayaDashmi” .

3. Dr. Babasaheb has declared officially on Sept 23rd, 1956 to all Janata that he is going to take Buddhism on Sunday 14th Oct 1956. He has given interview to PTI ( Press Trust of India ) on 23rd Sept saying…On “Dasara” day he is going to embrace Buddhism. It is to be noted that Babasaheb has said “Dasara” word but not “Ashok VijayaDashmi” .

4. Babasaheb initially decided to take Buddhism on Buddha Jayanti which comes in month of May every year and that year(1956) 2500 was getting completed.  Due to unavoidable circumstances and insistence of Nagpur group, the place has been shifted to Nagpur and the committee decided to hold program in such a way that MAXIMUM people should come for the same.
So being chosen as a Sunday it was not guaranteeing that everyone will get holiday on this. Because , during that time frame many of our people used to work in MILLS and in farms. When the organizing team learned that, on Dasara all the mills and other private firms are going to be closed, they decided to choose that day as Schools, Colleges, Government, Private firms will be closed. This will ensure that MAXIMUM people can attend this function.

5. Babasaheb has given speech on Oct 15, 1956 around 2 hours. I believe any one can say 2 hours is big enough to think and talk about anything he wanted to say to his people. He has explained the importance of choosing Nagpur but has not said any single word about “ASHOKA” nor “VIJAYDASHMI” . Any logical person could think rationally that, Babasaheb is known to be master of HISTORY and how can he forget to give any little importance of “ASHOKA” and “VIJAYADASHMI” if at all it is TRUE ???
But, WE don’t see any references of this two words in his entire speech where as he has spent more than 5 minutes for giving importance of choosing “Nagpur” as a place for this historical conversion.

6. On 16th Oct 1956, he went ahead and executed similar program at Chandrapur. But again what we found – “No where he has mentioned about “ASHOKA” and “VIJAYADASMI” .

7. On 26/27 Oct 1956, “Prabuddha Bharat” newspaper published “Deeksha Visheshank” a special supplement on Oct 14, 1956 function and Babasaheb was alive that time. This special supplement is full of all the pictures, points, minute-to-minute information what happened-how it happened-what has talked etc…everything. …in number of pages. BUT, still this special supplement also doesn’t talk about these  “ASHOKA” and “VIJAYADASMI” two words….

8. Babasaheb was alive for 52 days after this historical conversion and no where we found any point about these two words “ASHOKA” and “VIJAYADASMI” .

I hope, above points are substantial enough to deny any correlation of “ASHOKA”, “VIJAYDASMI” with Babasaheb’s historical conversion day.

What happened after Babasaheb ?

9. Babasaheb has created structure of RPI and second level of our then leaders including Dadasaheb Gaikwad, B. C. Kamble, Rajabhawoo Khobragade, Babu Haridas Awale etc..arranged 4 days conference on 1-2-3-4 oct 1957 at DeekshaBhoomi.

10. Somehow these then leaders formed RPI on 3rd Oct 1957 [ That time Dasara Came on that day ] and celebrated it. Many people where gathered during that event. As all of us knows that everyone lean towards political party to gain many things…huge of people were present during that conference and it turns to be DCPD celebration. But all though, Adv. Babu Haridas Awale, B. C. Kamble and Mr. Wamanrao Godbole ( Chief of the Organizing committee of that historical conversion function ) gathered on 14th Oct 1957. This should be noted correctly.

11. Other leaders who went ahead and joined congress followed Bramhnical  calender and obey their thoughts and sometimes even get confused when they see two dates for “Dasara” in different calenders.

12. Babasaheb has written preface to “The Essence of Buddhism” by P. Narasu [ Tamilnadu ]. This book contents says 2500 years completed to Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana on Mid night of 13 [ Talking about B.C. ] . According to 1956 [ A.C.] Mid night of 13 means morning of 14 Oct 1956. [ This explanation – denies the fact that Buddha’s birth, Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana has happened on SAME day. But as per the international standard the way International people follow 25th December every year for Yeshu, on full moon basis International Buddhist people follow month of May to do the same. ]

13. As Babasaheb Mahaparinirvana happened exactly after 52 days – 6th Dec 1956, we have to stick with the calender dates. Otherwise we might need to calculate his Mahaparinirvana every year from the day Dasara comes.

14. Going into the history “unnecessary” and wasting time is all what our people have done so far, otherwise Baba’s MOVEMENT could have been better shape and we all could have lived happily.

15. Last but not the least, if someone wants to disagree with my above analogy then I would ask them to prepare your own “Buddhist” Calender and declare dates rather than following “Hindu panchang – Kalnirnay etc…”. Lets follow 22 vows given by Babasaheb and pay tribute to this GREAT LEADER by becoming his true follower.