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Where there is a Vihar, There should be a library and reading hall

Where there is a Vihar, There should be a library and reading hall

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[Via Bhagyesha Kurane]

Where there is a Vihar, There Should be a library and reading hall.

We launched this project in April 2017.

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In one year, we have set up 17 libraries. Mostly in Vihars which are located in slums and rural areas of Maharashtra. We have also donated books to a ladies/girl’s hostel in Aurangabad and an Adivasi hostel in Gondia.

Most of the under-privileged sections of India live in slums and rural areas. Most of them belong to SC, ST, OBC and minority communities.

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Due to less awareness about education, the dropout rates are high. This leads to unemployment which results in poverty.

We are trying to create educational awareness by setting up Libraries. For that we are using Buddha Vihars or Govvernment Libraries or Hostels as they are freely available public places. Our motto is: A Vihar should be a Knowledge Centre, as it was in the Buddha’s period, and to utilize public places for knowledge creation.

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This project is based on the idea of Pay Back to Society. We have generated donations through a social media campaign and we received a huge response.

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We need a minimum of Rs 10,000 to set up one library.

We ran Sau _ Ramai Educational Project for one year, where targeted one slum, Panmala, in Pune. Tried to teach kids basic Maths, Science, English to minimize droup out rate. We are planning to start this programme again this year.

We are students….So do help us…Try to be a part of this innovative project.

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You can donate books or help us financially. We have all the bills and we have maintained transparency. So don’t worry.

 Location of libraries we have established till now

1-Azadpur – Satara

2-Ballapur Village – Nanded

3-Satara city

4-Dattawadi Slum –Pune

5-Gokhalenagar – Pune

6-Vadarwadi Slum – Pune

7-Panmala slum – Pune

8-Gondia-Adivasi hostel

9-Aurangabad – Ladies Hostel


11-Kesurdi Village-Loni Taluka, Pune

12-Mithgavane-Rajapur Taluka, Ratnagiri District

13-Solapur – Milindnagar

Latur – 2 libraries

 14- Bansargaon

 15- Chakur

16-Tokade gaon – Malegaon, Nashik

17–Bisur -Taluka Miraj. Sangli

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Call Or whatsapp me: Bhagyesha Kurane @ 9730197530

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Thank you.


Bhagyesha Kurane

 Shivaji Waghamare

 Sudhir Digole

 Geeta Waghmare

 Anupam Bam

 Suraj Waghmare

 Lahu Kambale

 Manish Pattebahadur

 Veerdhawal Sonawane

 Suyash Netragaonkar

 Pratima Padghan

 Kishor Kashyap