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Bhimsongs: The Ambedkarite Popular Culture

Vaibhav Kharat A song composed or sung on Babasaheb Ambedkar is called Bhimgeet in Marathi and Bhimsongs in English. Bhimgeet, or Bhimsongs, are also known as Jaibhim geet/songs or Ambedkar geet/songs. Ambedkar’s work, his thoughts, his political and social philosophy, and his lived experiences are presented through these songs. Today, thousands of Bhimsongs are available …


Contemporary Caste Discrimination and Strategies for Empowerment of Scheduled Castes

Shubham Kamble

Shubham S. Kamble Caste represents a pernicious social element that gradually erodes the fabric of society, rendering it progressively weaker. Regrettably, certain individuals and privileged segments of society persist in their reluctance to accept individuals belonging to the Scheduled Caste and marginalized communities. The gravest challenge arises from the perspective of Scheduled Caste individuals, comprising …


Two Paths, One Destination: Annabhau Sathe’s Artistic Revolution in Ambedkar’s Shadow

 Dr Aniruddha Babar ‘Our journey toward justice is relentless, for it is a journey toward a more humane world.’ ~ Annabhau Sathe In the annals of Indian social and political discourse, the names of Annabhau Sathe and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar loom large, casting a profound and lasting influence on the nation’s relentless pursuit of social …


Unveiling Dominance: Caste Atrocities on Neo-Buddhists & the Struggle for Equality in Ahmednagar

Ankush Uttam Helode Maharashtra is a state where the dominant Maratha caste has wielded significant political and economic control. David Mandelbaum termed this dominant caste as having a “self-image as rulers.” However, this perception  did not shifted after independence when Marathas became a majority and gained dominance in various areas. Despite constitutional and legal safeguards, …