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Where there is a Vihar, There should be a library and reading hall

sau rama 1

  [Via Bhagyesha Kurane] Where there is a Vihar, There Should be a library and reading hall. We launched this project in April 2017. In one year, we have set up 17 libraries. Mostly in Vihars which are located in slums and rural areas of Maharashtra. We have also donated books to a ladies/girl’s hostel …


Tilak Gandhi Golwalkar vs Phule Shahu Ambedkar

dr. k. jamanadas

  Dr. K. Jamanadas (First Published in September 2001) General Review About Bal Gangadhar Tilak, he was a great scholar of Sanskrit. He was a great leader of RADICALS, they used to call themselves “Nationalists” and leaders of whole country. He was called “Lokmanya” meaning “recognized by the people” and was projected as leader of …