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Keep The Lamp Of Wisdom Burning

Keep The Lamp Of Wisdom Burning

Shashank Kamble

Part 1 

Ambedkarite Buddhists have developed wisdom in every sphere of life. Ambedkarite Buddhists always come up with critical analyses of every philosophy, belief, and current event, just because of Bodhisattva Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. The question is how to keep this lamp of wisdom burning? How is our energy level? Does it rise only on certain occasions such as 14th April or 14th October ?

How is our overall physical fitness to sustain our energy levels? How is our enthusiasm level throughout the day, especially every Monday morning? How is our happiness level? Is it growing on a daily basis?

In The Buddha and His Dhamma,  Book II,  Part 2,  Page No. 120 Babasaheb has written:

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, or otherwise you shall not be able to keep your mind strong and clear and have the lamp of wisdom burning.”

Part 2 

The way Babasaheb has laid emphasis on keeping good health for keeping our mind strong and keeping the lamp of wisdom burning is a clear indication that the body affects the mind. If the body is tired and exhausted or diseased, it will not keep the mind fresh and energetic. If the body is healthy and energetic then it will surely keep the mind happy and full of freshness and energy. Similarly, the mind affects the body. If the mind is full of jealousy, hatred, or anger then it will surely produce heavy feelings in the heart. It produces heat in the body. If the mind is full of love, gratitude, or metta then it will surely produce light feelings in the heart. The body cools down and produces fresh energy. Both mind and body have a deep connection. We cannot separate the two.

The fully enlightened Samyak Sambuddha walked all over Northern India on foot. Lord Buddha all over his life span walked in dense forests, on the dusty roads of many villages only on foot. Babasaheb says in The Buddha and His Dhamma in BOOK VII, Page No.533,

“Rajagraha from Lumbini is not less than 250 miles. These distances the Lord walked on foot. He did not even use a bullock-cart.”

It exemplifies the great energy Lord Buddha, who ate only one meal per day and was still able to walk more than 250 miles, carried.

Our hero, our father Bodhisattva Babasaheb Ambedkar displayed immense energy throughout his lifetime. His energy for acquiring knowledge and transforming millions of lives was definitely great. Studying 18 to 21 hours per day with traveling all over India, US and UK requires tremendous zeal and passion. 500 warriors in 1818 showcased their remarkable bravery and fantastic energy to win the battle against 28000 Peshwas. One warrior was equivalent to 56 Peshwas in that battle.

How is the present day energy level of each Ambedkarite Buddhist?

Part  3 

The present day Ambedkarite Buddhists carry the most fantabulous energy compared to any other community in the whole world. One recent example is of the movie Jhund’. It is spreading Babasaheb’s message with outstanding energy not only in India but throughout the world. When everyone got isolated during the pandemic, we all Ambedkarites celebrated the most spectacular Babasaheb’s Jayanti on all virtual platforms and spread the message of hope, love and maitri to the whole world which was the real need of the hour in that toughest period. Such fantastic energy we all Ambedkarite Buddhists carry!

The question is: how can we all Ambedkarite Buddhists sustain this incredible energy on a daily basis? How can we all build world class energy levels in our personal, professional, digital, social, economical, political, and spiritual lives? Without good physical fitness and enormous zeal, the creation of gigantic energy in all fields seems to be impossible. In the present day we cannot walk like Lord Buddha for more than 250 miles with only one meal per day. In the present day we cannot study like Babasaheb every day for 18-21 hours throughout our life. We are privileged to have supreme ideals in front of us that no other community has. How can we apply real energy of Lord Buddha and Bodhisattva Babasaheb in our life?

Part  4 

We need to create our own standard of world class fitness to thrive in all fields. Standard of body and standard of mind cannot be separated. We cannot focus only on the mind and neglect the body. Both body and mind need training on a daily basis. Our emotion is created by motion. The way we move our body creates different emotions in our mind. If we sit like a king by putting one leg on the other it creates a powerful impact on our mind. If we walk with our chest puffed out it creates a feeling of fearlessness. If we talk fast it creates a different energy. If we talk slow with a deep voice it creates amazing confidence.

These healthy emotions will be created in our mind once we start training our body on a daily basis. This training can be as simple as a normal walk in the morning for 30 minutes, or a slow jog or run for 10-15 mins or more. If you have quite a busy schedule in office/home and are unable to train your body then you can definitely take out 30 seconds. Holding our body for 30 seconds in a plank exercise (please google this exercise) will definitely help.

In a nutshell, we can say that if we invest at least 30 minutes to train our body on a daily basis we will definitely create great energy for rest of the day. One who sweats more in training bleeds less in war. 🥵🏃🏋️ Once we continue to sweat out our body at least 6 days per week then we can easily conquer all fields as true warriors. 💪💪 We all are warriors waging war against our laziness, against our weaknesses and limiting beliefs.🤺  It is because we all carry the blood of those 500 warriors and the blood of our father Babasaheb in our heart and in each cell of our body. 🩸🩸❤️

An Ambedkarite Buddhist is no longer an ordinary person. ‘We’ are Fire.🔥 Ambedkarite Buddhists walk on fire. We’ will keep the lamp of wisdom burning as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.🔥🕯️

Namo Buddhay! Jaibhim! 🙏🙏🙏



Shashank Kamble lives in Sweden.