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Indian Jews, Israeli Jews, and Hindu Nationalism

Indian Jews, Israeli Jews, and Hindu Nationalism

mangesh dahiwale


Mangesh Dahiwale

mangesh dahiwaleModi is set to address an event managed by India Foundation in Israel, just like he did in Madison Avenue. Around 45,000 Jews of Indian origin who migrated to Israel in 1950s and 1960s are likely to attend this show to showcase the manufactured popularity of Modi. India’s Hindu Nationalists are trying harder to ally with Israel including working with the Israeli secret services. It may be geopolitics of the Arab world where Israel is fighting to maintain its newly found existence.

The Muslim world is surrounding Israel and India has been neutral during the Israel-Palestine conflict. India on the other hand missed an opportunity to join Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) and it is likely to emerge as the largest concentration of Muslims in the world. This means that the Muslims will be the part and parcel of India’s nation state. The politics of Hindu nationalism that Modi represents is based on hatred of Muslims. India’s Muslim is not fundamentalist Muslim and has not become a partner in the Global terror network of fundamentalists and it is less likely if they are brought into national stream of Governance. So the coalition between India’s Brahman nationalists and Israeli Jew, or jews of any hue, is a strange alliance. This is for a number of reasons.

Jews were persecuted and suffered worst atrocities humanity might have seen against any cultural group. The war on Jews initiated by Nazis was the war on humanity. The Nazis who advocated Aryanism wanted to found global caste system in which the Aryans will be at the top, and the Jews, Gypsies, and other cultural races at the bottom. They even did not see them surviving at the bottom, but so impure and vile that they must be totally destroyed, hence the Aryan Germans launched the genocide of Jews. They killed millions of Jews and the suffering of the community is deep. Babasaheb Ambedkar was opposed to Nazis and Fascists. He never liked their advocacy of global caste system and he even sided with the democratic alliance that fought Germany and Italy. After the World War II, Israel was created and it is through and through Jewish nation with Jewish nationalism playing through its diplomacy which includes checking and countering the Islamic countries around it. The mother of Hitler and his ideology lies in Brahmanism. The philosophical justification for this was propaganda that came from Aryanism. The Swastik as the symbol of Nazis is the evidence is link between the Aryan Nazism and India’s Brahmanism.

The founders of RSS visited Italy and Germany during the World War II and met leaders like Musolini and Hitler. This is interesting as the Nazis and India’s Hindu (Brahman) nationalists were so close. And the Nazis were having an eye on India during the World War II as India was the crown jewel and every nation envied to posses India, including Japan. So the alliance between India’s Brahman nationalists and Nazis/Fascists was unholy.

The irony of the present welcome of Modi in Israel is that the economic interests are wiping out the important historic truths. When the truth is no longer the essence of politics and human relations, it is the economic interest based on untruth and propaganda overriding it. India’s Jews had peaceful existence in India and they migrated to Israel, not out of persecution, but religious affiliations. They are welcoming Modi, perhaps as the head of their erstwhile country, but it is also important to keep in mind how the ideology represented by Modi has been responsible of mass killings of Jews. In the present world, the only lasting solution can come with mutual respect that can also mean forgiveness, but before that forgiveness is ushered there must be rejection of the worldview that has killed millions in the past and in the present that worldview is not only active, but promoted and kept alive. People in Israel who follow Moses, the liberator of slaves, must learn more about India’s modern Moses, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who led India’s discriminated slaves to the promised land of democracy without designating them as the “Chosen people”.



Mangesh Dahiwale is Director, Thinking Eye Studio Pvt Ltd, and Chairman, Manuski.