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Gujarat Dalit and Adivasi Students’ Convention
gujarat dalit adivasi convention

On 3rd March, 2013, Sunday
9:30 am

At St. Xavier’s College, Siddharth Assembly Hall, Narangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

gujarat dalit adivasi convention

Dear Friends,

Experiences of discrimination faced by Dalits and Adivasis have produced different engagements with education as a way to socio-economic emancipation. Movements to end discrimination have always proposed education as the primary means to overcome caste oppression. But all forms of discrimination continues to haunt educational institutions from pre-school to centres of excellence and Dalit and Adivasi students who aspire for equality find themselves excluded from various educational schemes and services. Inadequate and insensitive implementation of entitlements hurt the dignity and negatively impact the personal development of Dalit and Adivasi youth. Lack of information, guidance and support of available resources and accessing them also limit their choices and opportunities. A large proportion of the allocations in SCSP and TSP are being spent on the civil construction and negligible amounts on direct entitlements to Dalit and Adivasi students which is denying the necessary support to them.


[Via Shiksha Vikas Adhikar]

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