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Demand for an open PhD admission notification in University of Hyderabad

Demand for an open PhD admission notification in University of Hyderabad

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Letter (dated 8th November, 2012) from the ‘Joint Action Committee for the Protection of Reservation’ to the Vice-Chancellor, University of Hyderabad

[Via Arun Asokan]

(Please read this article ‘Non-Implementation of Reservation policy in University of Hyderabad: A Report‘ published on 27th November, 2012, for comprehensive information on the implementation of quotas in the university)


Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy
The Vice-Chancellor Hyderabad
University of Hyderabad

Respected Sir,

Sub: Request to announce an open PhD admission notice in the month of December, reg.

With reference to the letter, addressed to the VC by the Students’ Union 2011-2012 (Dt. 22-08-2012) which brought to our notice the lapses designed in the implementation of reservation policy at University of Hyderabad for the academic year 2012-13; we would like to state that there has been a serious deterrent and foul play in implementing the constitutional guarantee for higher education to the depressed classes namely SC/ST/OBC/PH/DP/North-Eastern states and Union Territories Quota.

We would like to bring to your notice that there has been a dire decrease in the students intake that were not filled in the July 2012 admission and a drastic drop in the reserved seats across the disciplines and courses. However, vacancies in the PhD seats are a point of concern which could be addressed, if acted immediately. This is despite the fact that the administration calculated the fulfillment of reservations on the basis of total number of students joined and not through the intake offered by the departments, as per the prospectus. Thus the calculation is erroneous and falsely projected. This accounts to illegal tinkering with the reservation policy.

In the last admissions (July 2012) 502 seats fell vacant out of 2017 seats (intake, as per the prospectus) – this amount to 25% fall-out totally. Of which, 411 seats under the reservation policy (35% vacant): SC – 59 (19%), ST – 44 (29%), OBC – 195 (36%), PH – 48 (60%), DP – 65 (73%) have not been filled. We consider this a serious issue of illegal governance and calculated assault on the reservation policy.

In the case of North-East State nomination Seats their admission to various Departments/Schools was delayed every time, which caused the non-fulfillment of Nomination Seats as the students chose other colleges/Universities with the delay in time apparently resulting in vacancy of seats. This has deprived an opportunity for many students to enter university of Hyderabad. Hence we demand to have admission for North-East Nomination on par with regular Admissions.

In order to address the drastic decrease in the PhD seats in the 2012-13 admission: 137/397 (35%) totally, of which – SC 10/56(17%), ST 9/26 (34%) and OBC 52/103 (50%)– 38% SC/ST/OBC reservation seats have gone unfilled; We request and demand the administration to issue an open PhD admission notification (instead of the usual JRF notice in the December session) to fill the vacancies that have arose.We request the administration to act in the spirit of the constitutional remedies and implement the policies in action as soon as possible.


Copy to:

1) Chairperson, (National Commission for SC, National Commission for ST & National Commission for BC)

2) Members of Academic Council.


ASA (Ambedkar Students Association)

DSU (Dalit Students Union)

BSF (Bahujan Students Front)

NESF (North-East Students Front)

(SC/ST Teachers Forum) & (SC/ST Non-Teaching Employees Association)


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