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Who gave Appa Rao the confidence to violate all constitutional & legal norms?

Who gave Appa Rao the confidence to violate all constitutional & legal norms?

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Bahujan Students Front

Our Bahujan brother, Kathi Anil Kumar, a senior member of the Bahujan Students’ Front, HCU, currently a project fellow in HCU was severely beaten up on 22.03.2016.


 In this video, Anl talks of the March 22nd protest and his experience of police violence

“They dragged me and pushed me out of the bungalow premises through the back gate. But they had blocked the way to move towards the front and hence I tried to get away walking inwards towards the peacock lake. At that time I saw police pelting stone towards me.Two big stones barely missed by head.I raised my hands as in surrender. But the police came after me and started beating me one after the other. I got severe blows in my right thigh as well as behind. My left arm was rendered unmovable for three days since the blows fell on the joints. My wrist is swollen as well as my elbow. I have a cut in my upper arm where the police baton poked me. There are less severe blows on my back too. First day I slept only after taking painkillers. After that I could not sleep properly for two days due to the pain. They tore my bag and also stole my watch”.

“On 22nd morning I saw the post on JAC-UOH page about Appa Rao’s resuming charge as VC. After that I went to the school of social sciences to meet my project co-ordinator. Till about 12 noon I was at the department when a friend told me to come to the VC’ bungalow lawns where they had sat down to protest. I went to join my fellow protesters which remained peaceful all throughout. At around 5 in the evening, the police inspector warned us to evict ourselves from the bungalow grounds. We protested that it is our constitutional right to protest and the bungalow being a public property, we have every right to protest within its premises against the illegal process of resuming charge of office by Apparao. The Cyberabad police joined by Andhra Pradesh Police and CRPF-RAF around 200 strong began forcefully evicting us. They dragged me by my legs and slapped girls and dragged them by their hair. They beat up other boys mercilessly in front of my very eyes”.

The police brutality against unarmed students inside a university campus was unfathomable. It is puzzling as to what or who has given Appa Rao such confidence to violate all constitutional and legal framework of this country; the very sanctity of the constitution that Babasaheb built for us has been violated. It is clear that Appa Rao and his cohorts in BJP-RSS have very little respect for our Constitution because it was framed by a Dalit leader. They spit on SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act because SC’s and ST’s are still not on par with human beings for them. I condemn this Manuvadi Brahminist government, administration and its police”.



Video courtesy: Justice For Rohith

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