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Vanniyar mob attack Dalit cheri in Chidambaram after polls

Vanniyar mob attack Dalit cheri in Chidambaram after polls

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Joshua Isaac

Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu.

An organized mob of around 300 Vanniyar men attacked a Dalit Cheri, Vadakumangudi, in Chidambaram Lok Sabha constituency in Tamil Nadu, in the late hours of the evening today, April 24, 2014.

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According to eye witnesses, Vadakumangudi Cheri was attacked this evening at 7 pm by a Vanniyar mob of 300. Houses were attacked & cash stolen. 10 bikes & 2 autos were completely damaged. 10 people were admitted into Cuddalore General Hospital. Some are in a serious condition. Heavy police force has been deployed now.

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Consolidation of Dalits of the Cheri behind Annan Thirumavalavan is the reason behind the attack.

“We were submissive to the caste Hindus earlier but our youth started organizing behind Annan. We all voted for Annan today. These things angered them. They were planning this for a long time”, the Dalit women in the Cheri said. Party spokesperson Vanni Arasu & senior leader Ellalan visited the Cheri along with Dist. Sect. Chellapan.

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The shocking incident comes at the end of a day of peaceful and intense polling. There had been threats of violence issued by the Vanniyars over the last week which the Dalits seem to have resolutely defied. The area also has a history of violence, of Dalits being regularly harassed in public places and roads. The 1999 elections had witnessed very heavy violence with the entire constituency being blocked off.

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Chidambaram is one of the most keenly contested seats in Tamil Nadu, with the VCK leader Thol. Thirumavalavan poised to win the seat for a second time, with the support of the DMK. His oppenents include the PMK’s V Sudha and M Chandrakasi of the AIADMK.

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