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‘Caste organizations should not exist in Tamil Nadu’ – Dr K Veeramani, President, Dravida Kazhagam

Radhika Sudhakar This is a transcript of the Round Table India’s interview with Dr K Veeramani, President, Dravida Kazhagam. Q: You have had a long association with Periyar, what do you admire in him the most? K Veeramani: Apart from his exemplary leadership qualities, as his lifelong disciple, I have had a lot of moments …


Human Feces and Caste in Tamil Nadu

Raja M In the socio-political structures of Tamil Nadu, caste is a pertinent issue in which all the problems are tied together. The following questions raise more skepticism about Dravidian Politics:  Do Dalits access public places? Can Dalits have everyday lives/practices without caste discrimination? Can they easily avail of state-assigned civil rights without any discrimination? …


The Dravidian Movement: Challenging Brahminical Authority and the Battle for Spiritual Independence

Maxwin Rayen The recent Sengol controversy has captured significant attention and triggered extensive discussions, particularly regarding the authenticity of the sceptre. However, there is more to this story than what initially meets the eye. The Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu gained popularity not only for advocating rationalist ideas and self-respect philosophy but also due to …


Sterlite Wins Again

Bobby Kunhu “Charles Darwin is wrong: only the closest to the Government will survive” – Ljupka Cvetanova On 18th October, 2022, two reports were tabled before the Tamil Nadu State Assembly, the first report by a Commission of Inquiry headed by Retd. Justice A. Arumaghaswamy looked into the circumstances under which former 68-year-old Chief Minister, …


Periyar: The Man That He Was!

Gurinder Azad If anyone has left a rich legacy of aggressively challenging Brahmanism, it is our own Periyar. His full name was Erode Venkatappa Ramasamy Nayakar. Periyar means ‘great man’. Bahujan youth today express their aggression and restlessness against the Brahmanical system by sharing quotes of Periyar on social media, and strive to advance the …


Vulgarization of Subaltern Culture

dr y srinivasa rao @ bangalore

  Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao In India, while classical arts are for the rich and international audiences, and are practiced by the upper castes for fame, name and prestige, subaltern arts are for the rural population and practiced by the subalterns for livelihood and survival. Upper castes ascribed the ability to reserving everything that had …


On ‘Jai Bhim’: How can individuals be seen as beacons of hope?


  Anshul Kumar “The assertion by the individual of his own opinions and beliefs, his own independence and interest as over against group standards, group authority and group interests is the beginning of all reform. But whether the reform will continue depends upon what scope the group affords for such individual assertion. If the group is tolerant and …