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National Conference on ‘Understanding Marginalities in Neo-Liberal Regime’

National Conference on ‘Understanding Marginalities in Neo-Liberal Regime’

11 aml


Ambedkar Memorial Lecture (AML) Team, TISS, Tuljapur

11 aml

Concept Note

India’s tryst with destiny that took a definitive shape in 1947 was supposed to take a collective journey along the path of democracy, equality, and justice for all. As a newborn nation, this journey was expected to be fraught with multiple challenges. As India has completed more than seventy years of its freedom from colonial rule and has entered into the twenty-first century it is rather disappointing to see where the journey has led to. Glaring social inequalities, extreme Income disparities, social exclusions of various types, violence against women and the marginalized continue to remain unabated. The farmers are in distress, the educational institutions are reduced to certificate-manufacturing units, public health care in disarray, and the employment and labour market is so volatile. The most unfortunate reality is that often the state is inept or corrupt, and the public policies, instead of serving the interest of people, serve the interest of the capitalists. The human rights record of the state is also dismal. Nevertheless, people are raising their voices through various movements against displacement, atrocities or marginalizations. The inspiration that people such as B R Ambedkar and Jotiba Phule provide has ignited mass mobilization across India. The atmosphere is poignant with yearnings for a positive change, yet the challenges for attaining equality and justice are even bigger than it was seventy years ago.

The Conference on “Understanding Marginalities in Neo-Liberal Regime.” intends to discuss the various aspects of marginalities existing in the Indian society concerning gender, class, caste, Education Policies and Exclusion, Market and State-led Development, etc. It attempts to bring scholars from different fields of knowledge to discuss and debate these issues. We expect that the papers would bring in new insights which preferably would be interdisciplinary.

The Sub-Themes are as follows

1. Exclusion, Discrimination, and Marginalization

– Conceptual/Theoretical Issue

2. State and Minorities

3. Gender and Intersectionality

4. Developmental Policies and Marginalized/Weaker/Smaller Communities

5. Fascism, Communalism, and Marginality

6. Market and State-led Development Projects and its Impact on Adivasi/Indigenous people

7. Development and Displacement

8. Caste, Gender and Labour Market

9. Education Policies and Exclusion, Marginalization

10. State, Market and Agrarian Communities


any other sub-theme related to the main theme.

This conference is part of the annual event of Ambedkar Memorial Lecture Series.

A Brief Note on the AML lectures Series

The AML lecture series was started in the year 2009 and Prof. M. Kunhaman (TISS, Tuljapur) was the first speaker of the Ambedkar Memorial Lecture (AML) series. He delivered his thought on “Ambedkarism and its relevance in Democracy”. In the following years Dr Anand Teltumbade (2011), Prof. Ramaiah (2012), Prof. P. G. Jogdand, Dr Vivek Kumar, Prof. Ramesh Kamble and S.M. Dahiwale, Dr Sushma Andhare, Mr Paul Diwakar, Mr Martin Macwan, Mr Bhanvar Meghwanshi, Prof Hari Narke Dr Razia Patel, Dr, Anoop Kumar, Prof. Abhinaya Kamble, Prof. Zahir Ali, Manjula Pradeep and many more Ambedkarite scholars, intellectuals, human rights activists and academicians delivered lectures in this series.

AML is a critical and constant engagement for us in the construction and deconstruction of the established notions of our society. The basic purpose of the conference is to create a meaningful dialogue on the social justice agenda through the active participation of intellectuals. This lecture makes a commitment of participating leaders from Academics, Civil society and Jurists towards Dr Ambedkar’s idea of social justice and to build and scale up momentum for the future generations.

Objectives of AML

1) To honour Dr Ambedkar’s intellectual contribution to the world.

2) To unify thoughts which explore and propagate different dimensions of Dr Ambedkar values &ideas.

3) To create an opportunity for the academicians

&students of diverse backgrounds to familiarize themselves with the scholarship of Ambedkar in various fields and their relevance today.

4) To formulate the process of continuous socialization amongst everybody who holds an inclination towards exploring the values and ideas of Dr Ambedkar and simultaneously passing on the knowledge of those who are unaware of these values and ideas.

Call for Papers

 The paper should be based on original research work and should not have been published elsewhere. Please submit a soft copy of the abstract in word and Pdf file and thereafter the full paper to Email ID:

The Abstract Must Contain:

1. Title of the paper

2. Sub-Theme: Must indicate the sub-theme of the concept note under which the paper falls.

3. Author Details: Name with Designation, Affiliation (Institution), Full correspondence Address, Email ID and Mobile Number.

4. The abstract should be below 500 words.
– Times New Roman 12

– Line Spacing 1.1.
– Keywords: 4/5 words maximum

Full Paper: 3000 – 3500 words

Use APA (American Psychological Association) style for the reference list.

Numbering to each paper must for all final full papers. Abstracts will be reviewed by a screening committee of acclaimed academicians. Selected full papers may be published with reputed publication house depending on the funding.

Important Dates (Strictly Binding)

 Abstract Submission – January 2, 2020

 Announcement of selected papers – January 9, 2020

 Full Paper Submission – February 8, 2020

Registration Fee 

aml 1

The conference fee includes the conference kit and certificate only. (Delegates Not Presenting Paper will strictly receive conference kit and certificate only)

About the TISS, Tuljapur Campus

Out of the four Campuses of TISS, the Tuljapur Campus is located in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. It was set up with support from the Government of Maharashtra in 1986. It is a 100-acre campus on a vast plateau on the outskirts of the temple town of Tuljapur. The Tuljapur campus offers two undergraduate programs- BASS and BASW, five MA Programmes, one Diploma Programme (PGD-WASH), integrated M.Phil.-PhD in Rural Development, and the direct PhD Programme.

Accommodation & Food Rates

Accommodation will be provided by the organizers on request only to pre-registered participants in the university guest house. The rates are as follows: 

aml 2

Online Registration Bank Details 

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*Google Pay UPI ID: pritisirsat12@oksbi
*Google Pay Number: 9172246603

Advisory Committee

Dr Sai Thakur

Dr Sridhar Modugu

Dr Byasa Moharana

Assistant Professors, Tata Institute of Social
Sciences, Tuljapur Campus

AML Convener

Dr Sampath Kale

Assistant Professor, Tata Institute of Social

Sciences, Tuljapur Campus

Organizing Student Committee

Mangesh S (PhD Student)

Samrat K (M.Phil Student)

Pavan S. (M.Phil Student)

Sneha G (Master Student)

Rohan C (Master Student)

Varsha A (Master Student)

Samiksha S (Master Student)

Vaishali K (Master Student)

Ruchi N. (Master Student)

Shivraj K (Master Student)

Akash D (Master Student)

Pallavi K (Bachelors Student)

Payal C(Bachelors Student)

For More Details or Queries, Please Contact:

Maya S

Mobile No.: 9906275112

Sopnal U

Mobile No.: 9022598846

Pradeep K

Mobile No.: 9549115015

Bharat B

Mobile No.: 9527575651

Registration Form

11th Ambedkar Memorial Lecture (AML) 2020

National Conference

“Understanding Marginality in Neo-Liberal


 February 14 & 15, 2020

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(Please send the filled in registration form to email id:, otherwise, you may fill the above details in the given link below