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NRC and CAA are as anti-Dalit as anti-Muslim!

NRC and CAA are as anti-Dalit as anti-Muslim!

mass detention centre goalpara


Dharmesh Ambedkar

Jai Bhim Friends,

You are aware of the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC). The media is continuously saying that both these are anti-Muslims. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has even said that those opposing CAA and NRC can be identified from their clothes. If you also think so then you certainly should read this pamphlet.

mass detention centre goalpara

Detention centre coming up in Goalpara, Assam

According to an Indian Express report1, more than 19 lakh people excluded from Assam’s NRC list won’t have voting rights. 14 lakh out of this 19 lakh are Hindu. The government has not released information related to their castes2. It also shows that maximum people out of this 14 lakh would be Tribes from Jharkhand who have gone there to work in tea gardens, Dusadhs, Chamars and Mehtars of Bihar and the Dalits and OBCs of Assam. Now it is clear that these Dalits, Tribes and OBCs will remain deprived of their voting rights, which was granted to them after tireless struggle of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Not only this, but these deprived Dalits, Tribes and OBCs will be imprisoned in detention camps.

You must be aware that RSS as per their old agenda was always conspiring to keep Dalits, Buddhists, Tribes, and OBCs deprived of their voting rights. Some of you must have also remembered that when Atal Bihari Vajpayee became prime minister, he formed a committee to review the constitution. But because their numerical strength in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha was not as strong as it is now, they could not succeed in their intention.

Now when Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has a full majority in Lok Sabha, they have implemented CAA very cunningly. It will be a half-truth if you think that this law has been brought just to offer refuge to Hindus of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh in India.

You must remember that the Home Minister of India, Mr Amit Shah, has very clearly said that with CAA they are also going to implement NRC in the whole of India, as they have done it in Assam. It is clear that if NRC is implemented in whole India then a large number of Dalits, Tribes, Labourers, and OBCs, who do not have documents of their lands, passports, LIC policies, certificates from circle officers or village panchayat secretaries for married women, school certificates on or before 1971, will lose their citizenship in one go. Now the main question is how many Dalits and poor have land-related documents from before 1971.

That means if Dalits today are doing some government or private jobs, business, labour or any other work, they will all lose their work immediately, and they will be kept in detention camps. Their land, property, bank balance, etc. will be seized. These days would be no other than Peshwa’s time, and Dalits, Tribes, and OBCs will have to live their remaining lives wearing earthen pot under their chins and brooms around their waists.

Some Dalits might be happy because Mohan Bhagwat has said that BJP will not put an end to reservations. But, when CAA and NRC will be implemented in the whole country and when you will be kept in detention camps for not providing required documents, then what is the meaning of reservations left? How will reservations remain when the constitution itself won’t be there!

Home Minister of India Amit Shah stated that they will implement NRC in the whole country3, and NRC has no relation with CAA. But this is completely false. They will use CAA and NRC as a double filter and make certain their vote bank is left untouched. People out of the NRC list will be kept in detention camps—a kind of jail. One such detention camp has been completed in Assam4. Land has been sought for such detention camp in Maharashtra5. Detention camps will be built in the whole country and Dalits, Backward communities, Tribes, Buddhists, lower caste Christians, and Muslims will be kept there.

Friends, BJP is keen to destroy the constitution and it is their aim and wish to implement Manusmriti by replacing Babasaheb’s constitution. Learning from their past mistake, RSS has almost succeeded in destroying the constitution of India by very cleverly making one Shudra-Teli face as Prime Minister and another Dalit as a rubber stamp President. With the single action of implementing CAA and NRC across the nation, they can easily abolish our constitution.

That is why, if you want to save your constitution, and yourself and your future generations, from slavery, insults and humiliation: you have to stand up against this law very cautiously and spread this information among the widest number of Dalit organizations and individuals. We need to stop this RSS’ agenda at any cost through calm and continuous efforts; otherwise, our next generations will grow up in slavery and die in slavery.

Jai Bhim! Jai Bharat!!



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 Dharmesh Ambedkar is a social activist.

Picture courtesy: the internet.