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The Lovers of Democracy

The Lovers of Democracy


Dr. Bhushan Amol Darkase


One vote, One value:

Hurrah hurrah

In the middle of the night

Tell this to a burning raped corpse of a Dalit girl


Of the people, By the people, For the people:

Hurrah hurrah

In the deep pit of Brahmnical gutters

Tell this to the suffocated sanitation worker


Liberty, Equality, Fraternity:

Hurrah hurrah

In the casteist citadels of universities

Tell this to the subalterns

To write and gulp it down their throat

Let them dance to their death song


Adult franchise and frequent elections:

Hurrah hurrah

Tell this to the people kept part apart

Tell this to all the offences in atrocity act


Huh, What is democracy?


Any of the above?


Baba warned the lovers of democracy

All the definitions of Democracy mean nothing

If first not aimed to

“Dislodge the governing class from its position; to prevent it from remaining as a governing class for ever.”


Dr. Bhushan Amol Darkase is an Assistant Professor in VDGMC Latur and has an M.D. Dermatology, and Fellowship in Diagnostic Dermatology.