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Life and Social Philosophy of His Divine Holiness Narayana Guru

harsha narayanguru

Harshkumar Kugwe It is commendable that the government of Karnataka is celebrating the birthday of the great thinker Sri Narayana Guru as an official ceremony. It is definitely a means of showing respect to the great religious thinker and social reformer. Unfortunately, though, the situation has become such that whenever governments celebrate birthdays, it is …


Temple entry struggles and some missing contexts

mayur swathi

  Mayur Kudupale & K Swathi Sivadas The culture of debating on social issues has always paved the way for acquiring new learnings. The recent verdict on Sabarimala row was an inevitable topic among us, students. Our friends from Kerala, especially girls, debated enthusiastically that women’s entry to the temple should be allowed. Dissenting against …