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Anarchism In Periyar

Pranav Jeevan P If a larger country oppresses a smaller country, I’ll stand with the smaller country. If the smaller country has majoritarian religion that oppresses minority religions, I’ll stand with minority religions. If the minority religion has caste and one caste oppresses another caste, I’ll stand with the caste being oppressed. In the oppressed …


The socialist in Dr. Ambedkar

Mrinal Kumar Socialism is a widely prevalent idea across the globe. Leaders saw the dream of a society where equality really exists and social production will go under the ownership of the government for public welfare. The world witnessed great socialists e.g. Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg and Friedrich Engels. Socialism became a global phenomenon by …


Contagion and Constitution – Pandemic and Preamble

jas simran kehal may 2021

Dr Jas Simran Singh Kehal The architect of our constitution felt that it is workable, flexible and strong enough to hold the country together both in peace and war time. If in recent times we have Covid-warriors and Covid war-rooms that means we are indeed at war. Let us analyze how our constitution has fared …