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From an ‘untouchable’ in Tapra to a student leader in TISS: Interview with Bhatta Ram

bhatta ram interview1

Pranjali Kureel (Students of TISS, Mumbai recently elected Bhatta Ram as the new President of the student council in what is being called a ‘historic win’. Inspiring hundreds of students like me, who enter this institute with high hopes, only to find ourselves in an elite and daunting space, Bhatta Ram says the main aim …


May we tell our children that they can’t be stopped

pranjali kureel

Pranjali Kureel May we tell our children about our history, our family histories that our ancestors were treated worse than animals were denied basic dignity and that it still hasn’t changed much. May we tell our children that the histories they read in school are conveniently manipulated and distorted to extend the propaganda of those …