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Land is not ancestral property, it has to change hands: Sivakami

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  P. Sivakami, a role model for young dalit adivasi and bahujan women, spent two days at the National Dalit and Adivasi Women’s Congress interacting with students and fellow activists. She is an ex-IAS officer, writer and politician who founded a political party, the ‘Samuga Samatuva Padai‘, to work ‘on the principles of Dr Bhim …


Dalits must embrace a Metanarrative


Comments on Oxford India Anthology of Tamil Dalit Writing (Part II) Continued from here. P. Dayanandan (Paper presented on 10th April, 2012 on the occasion of the release of the Oxford India Anthology of Tamil Dalit Writing) • In this Anthology M. C. Rajah makes reference to the claim that ‘disabilities of ‘untouchables’ spring from deep-rooted …