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Time to destroy the stereotypes about Dalit occupations

anurag minus verma

Anurag Minus Verma Recently many of us have seen/read news about a few Indians thanking sanitation workers (read Dalits) with flowers for combating the corona pandemic on the streets. Such rare gestures look pleasant but this doesn’t change the fact that these are mere gestures1. It is no surprise that in these emergency times, many …


I am someone who thinks in an Ayyankali thought: Vinayakan, best actor

vinayakan 1a

  Dwija Aami and Sreerag Poickadan Malayalam actor Vinayakan has received the Kerala State government’s Best Actor Award 2016 for the Malayalee film Kammatpadam, recently. His interview by Jimmy James in Asianet News television channel for the programme ‘Point Blank’ on March 13, 2017, became viral on social media owing to his bold answers, straightforwardness and …


Did caste kill ‘Elvis of Punjab’ – Amar Singh Chamkila?


  Pardeep Attri While growing up in Punjab, I was reminded by many not to listen to ‘Chamkila’. I could never understand the reasons behind those advices at that time and never cared to ask anyone as I was not a song loving person. Hence, those advices didn’t matter to me. After moving to England …


Sanskritization or Appropriation: Caste and Gender in “Indian” Music and Dance

sreebitha 1

  Sreebitha P. V. Two recent articles in The Hindu address the question of caste and gender in Indian Music and Dance. The first article titled ‘Sanskritization and Culture’, highlights the fact that many artists from the field of dance and music have rejected and embraced Sanskritization at different points in history. The second article, …


Caste in cinema and music: the Kerala experience (Part 2)

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  ~ Caste in cinema and music: the Kerala experience ~ A S Ajith Kumar talks to Dalit Camera   Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes This is the second part of an interview with A S Ajith Kumar, writer, musician and filmmaker based in Trivandrum (you can read the first part here). The interview was …

Educate, Agitate, Organize

Popular Culture and Ideology: The Phenomenon of Gaddar


  P Kesava Kumar (First published in February 2010) The cultural sphere has its own advantage over politics in terms of pulling people into its fold. Through his songs and cultural performances, Gummadi Vittal Rao, popularly known as “Gaddar”, the Telugu poet singer, maintains the historical continuity of people’s lives and their struggles. He brings politics into everyday life situations and …