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Writing against hijacking, speaking against muting


  Sinthujan Varatharajah The role of the LTTE in challenging the caste hierarchy in Eelam has been much talked about and documented. Much (valid) praise has been given to the organisation for its anti-casteist stance and attempts (not success) to overthrow casteism amongst Eelam Tamils. The LTTE has indeed played a significant role in caste …


LTTE and the Annihilation of Caste

athithan jayapalan

  Athithan Jayapalan As far as Eelam Tamil politics are concerned, caste is a contentious issue. Broadly speaking, two trends can be observed in discussions of caste and casteism in Eelam Tamil society. One tends to overlook any debate on the pernicious ramifications that caste had and continues to have on Eelam Tamil society. The …