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Statement in support of Kiruba Munusamy

kiruba munusamy

  We, the undersigned, are individuals working for the rights of marginalized persons in India including women, LGBTQ+ persons and people from oppressed castes. We strongly condemn the harassment and subsequent persecution that Piyush Manush has launched against Kiruba Munusamy. We stand in solidarity with Kiruba against this casteist and patriarchal persecution by Piyush Manush. …


Interview with Kiruba Munusamy, Supreme Court Lawyer

kiruba munusamy

  Round Table India In the latest episode of the Ambedkar Age series, we talk to Kiruba Munusamy, Judicial Activist and Lawyer practising in the Supreme Court of India. {youtube}xcZDB3f8DVg{/youtube} In the Ambedkar Age series of videos, Round Table India aims to produce documentaries, interviews, talks on contemporary issues and debates from a Dalit Bahujan …