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In India, there is no film which is casteless: Pratik Parmar

pratik 1

  Pratik Parmar An abridged version of this interview, conducted by Kanika Katyal through Whatsapp (my preferred medium, so the exchange would be documented in a written form), was first published in INDIANCULTURALFORUM.IN. It was about my participation in the First Indigenous Film Festival, Bhubaneswar. I was asked several questions but in the published piece …


Patthalgadi: Completely constitutional, yet goes beyond the constitution

subodh kunwer

  Subodh Kunwer When Enactment of a Tradition is met with Guns: Adivasi Demand for Constitutional Rights & Self-Rule On July 27, 2018, once again without engaging in any dialogue and discussion, the Raghubar Das government in Jharkhand has been unleashing force and violence on adivasi people under the pretext of repressing the ‘anti-national’ patthalgadi …