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Flaunting noble intentions, nurturing caste privileges

dalit issue

  Asha Kowtal My recent association with campaigns resisting violence against Dalit women has brought me in contact with several individuals, groups and organisations that represent diverse perspectives and histories. Broadly it includes groups which have been advocating ‘gender justice’ and others who have been battling the cruelty of the caste system in India. The …


Towards the annihilation of imposed Genders

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  Towards the annihilation of imposed Genders- Recommendations to the Indian Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment ~ Recommendations to the Indian Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment on Policy for Transpeople [via Satya Rai Nagpaul and Gee Ameena Suleiman] ~ Opening Remarks: A Brief note on Transgender Persons with specific reference to Trans Masculine …


The patriarchal and moralistic discourse of ‘Save our Sisters’


  Shaheen Ahmed Last weekend after I woke up in the morning, I went through my usual morning ritual of turning on my computer after a cup of coffee and leafing  through my mails and social media feed. It’s not surprising to see pictures, videos, website links, memes, etc. go viral over Facebook or Twitter …


My Man


  Anu Ramdas Lakshmi was always comfortable sharing her thoughts about her husband, Shanmugam. He was the shy one and never said much about personal things. Listening to Billie Holiday’s songs often brings back memories of the way Lakshmi used to talk about her married life to me. On some days it would be: My …