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राजस्थान में दलित महिला आंदोलन के नेतत्व व् न्याय प्रणाली की हकीकत पर एक नजर

suman devathiya

सुमन देवाठीया मै किसी समुदाय की प्रगति हासिल की है, उससे मापता हु l~ डा0 भीमराव अम्बेडकर (बाबा साहब ) जैसा की भारत देश में व्याप्त वर्ण व् जाति व्यवस्था की वजह से दलित आये दिन अत्याचारों व् हिंसाओं का सामना कर रहे है l इसी के साथ जंहा कही भी इसी व्यवस्था के खिलाफ …


Hoping in times of disillusion


  Trevor Jeyaraj All our efforts towards justice seems like a Sisyphean quest. Rolling one pain over another and trying to overcome the present in an effort to heal the scars of the past is back-breaking, mind-numbing and soul-drowning. We are caught between losing focus when we have a purpose and loosing purpose when we …


Violence of Brahminism Against Dalits


  Jadumani Mahanand The current scenario of Indian society is deeply volatile and violent, instigating gruesome and brutal attacks on Dalits and Muslims. Any concerned citizen will feel anger and frustration, reading everyday about the violence, rape and killings of minorities such as Dalits and Muslims. No method has been left unused, to theorize or …