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Dr. B R Ambedkar’s Caravan Marching Globally


  Mahesh Wasnik Vishwa Ratna, Bharat Ratna, Bodhisattva Dr B.R. Ambedkar’s last message: “Whatever I have done, I have been able to do after passing through crushing miseries and endless struggle all my life and fighting with my opponents. With great difficulty, I have brought this caravan where it is seen today. Let the caravan …


Remembering Bitter Truths on the way to Udupi


  Dr C S Dwarakanath Jignesh Mevani, a young dalit leader who has inspired many across the country with his protests against the flogging of Dalits in Una, Gujarat, along with Lolaksha, a dalit intellectual from Karnataka and myself were travelling from Mangalore Airport to Udupi for the valedictory event of the Udupi Chalo Rally …


Dalit Global Conference in US

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  Dalit Global Conference in US Advocates End to Caste-based Discrimination Affecting Estimated 280 Million Individuals Worldwide Advocates for Dalit rights are expanding their movement to establish justice, dignity, and equality with an historic global conference occurring in Washington, D.C., March 19-21. Several notable activists and thought leaders in the realm of human rights, including …


Exploring Inter-sectionalities and Development Paradigms in South Asia

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  [Via Asha Kowtal] National Campaign on Dalit Human RightsWada Na Todo Abhiyan, Asia Dalit Rights Forum, Feminist TaskForce & Global Call to Action against Poverty invite you for a Panel Discussion onExploring Inter-sectionalities andDevelopment Paradigms in South Asia contextPromoting social equity by dismantling issues relating tocaste, gender, age, disability & sexual orientation ~ Welcome …


First Day at the ‘National Tribunal – Violence Against Dalit Women in India’

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The National Tribunal – Violence against Dalit Women in India (on 30th September and 1st October, 2013, at the Constitution Club in New Delhi) was conceived in the hope that it would be ‘one small step in the long and arduous journey of Dalit women for reclaiming their rights‘. Asha Kowtal very succinctly expressed the …


Liberal Democracy and Kymlicka’s Conception of Minority Rights: Towards a Perspective of Dalit Rights

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  Dr. P. Kesava Kumar Abstract The recognition of minority rights is an issue for debate in recent times. It has implication for a theory of liberal democracy. Especially, the communitarian critique of liberalism has come in strong defense of community against individualism. Will Kymlicka proposes minority rights in the multicultural context of the west …


Need to redefine Dalit Movement: Rajni Tilak

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  An Interview with Rajni Tilak Neel Kranti Media (First published in the Dalit students’ magazine ‘Insight Young Voices’ in 2005) Rajni Tilak is Executive Director of Centre for Alternative Dalit Media (CADAM) and Founder Member of NACDOR. She is one of the prominent Dalit rights activists and India’s leading voice of Dalit feminism as …