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Blood under Saffron: In Search of Justice

raju solanki 1

  ‘Under your fascist skySlowly pants the terrified dalit ghetto.’* Raju Solanki   (Raju Solanki is an activist and poet based in Gujarat. These are a few of his notes on Gujarat, the state of Dalits, minorities and other marginalized sections under the Modi regime. They provide keen insights into how ‘Moditva’ works and its …


5th day of fast unto death by 22 Liberation Panthers of VCK


Joshua Isaac The fast unto death by 22 Liberation Panthers cadres (VCK) at Monjanur village, Namakkal dist., demanding their right to burial grounds has entered the 5th Day. The road leading to the burial grounds in the village were blocked by caste Hindus (owing allegiance to the ruling AIADMK) denying entry to the Dalits. Today …