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Judicial Discourse and Caste Violence

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  Aditya Reading Bathani Tola and Laxmanpur Bathe Judgment*  “Everyone strives to attain the law…how does it come about, then, that in all these years no one has come seeking admittance but me?….The doorkeeper replies……. No one but you could gain admittance through this door, since this door was intended only for you. I am …


Is Brahmeshwar Mukhiya Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Bihar ka lala’?

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  Arvind Shesh Continued from here. ‘Jiyo re bihar ke lala’ (Long live the son of Bihar): Immortalising Brahmeshwar Mukhiya  Whether or not the viewers of the movie (Gangs of Wasseypur) remember much of it, they will certainly not forget the last scene: Sardar Khan and his son have become so generous that they make …


Of Caste Massacres and Judicial Impunity: Bloodstains in Bathani Tola and Laxmanpur Bathe…

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  Anand Teltumbde (Text of the Third Comrade Naveen Babu Memorial Lecture, delivered by Anand Teltumbde)  At the outset let me thank DSU for giving me this opportunity to pay my homage to comrade Yalavarthi Naveen Babu, who was martyred at the young age of 35 in Andhra Pradesh. I personally knew Naveen as a …


Caste Atrocities and the Quest for Justice

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  Harish S. Wankhede In any normal political chat, the general upper caste tendency is to accuse the Dalits of politicizing the lower caste identity against the nationalist concerns of citizenship and secularism. This is an easy option to hide the actual domination of brahmanical culture over the public institutions. The social psyche of ‘governamentality’ …