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Being a Tai-Ahom: The Anti-caste Movement and the Problematics of Self-identification

Arunabh Konwar (This is not a historical observation, just extrapolations on personal experiences and observations.) Over the last couple of years, because of my own limited apparent proximity to some manifestations of the anti-caste movement in university politics in the mainland, I have often felt at loggerheads as to how to identify myself in this …


Understanding Tribal Culture: The Perspective from Within

balaka chattaraj 1

  Balaka Chattaraj The terms Tribe and Adivasi have been historically misinterpreted in academia. The Tribal and Adivasi culture have always been explained and argued from the colonial standpoint and caste epistemology. The two popular epistemologies have always painted Tribes and Adivasis in one particular manner, first as savage and second as under-developed. The caste …


Every ‘Second Citizen’

dushyant yadav

  Dushyant Yadav The Assam NRC draft has jerked up a catch-22 situation in India. Citizenship has become the navel of our Socio-Political discourse of late and it has erected a new debate which has seemingly seduced every major political entity of our country. While some are vehemently against the deflowering of Indian territory, the …