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Social Transformation and Nation

pruthviraj ramagorakh

  Pruthviraj Rama Gorakh From the last two years, the topics of nation and nationalism are being hotly debated in the country. In the last parliamentary elections, the BJP’s campaign put forth their idea of nation, based on Hindu nationalism. As they complete two years in office, we are now able to analyze their idea …


Unequal rights: Freedom, Equality, Life, and Liberty of citizens and “others”

hany babu

  Hany Babu Introduction The way in which certain classes of people including Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities and the disabled persons are made invisible or marginalised in the mainstream discourse has been often talked about. Mainstream discourse also pays scant attention and there is hardly any public outrage when Dalit students are driven to suicides in …


Banning a Student Group: Fighting alongside Ambedkar & Periyar


  Dickens Leonard M A war has been unleashed – political cultures that believe in dialogue and democratic transformation are battling against those which forcefully dictate determinism and fatalism! Students across India protest against the “de-recognition” of Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC), an independent students’ group at the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras (IIT-M), …