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Caste Discrimination in Modern Workspaces: The Case of ActionAid India

addressing-dalit-issues dr. sylvia karpagam

  Karthik Navayan This paper attempts to highlight the covert caste practices and discriminatory behaviour of the dominant caste personnel in the top hierarchy of ActionAid bureaucracy in its Indian chapter, wherein the dominant caste members from both Northern and Southern India, with a deep sense of so-called ascriptive superiority endowed by the Hindu scriptures …


Why is dignity so hard to come by?

bhadra 1

  Bhadrachalam flood affected people are facing apathy and neglect. Karthik Navayan Bhadrachalam is a pilgrim town in the Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh. Last month (July), owing to heavy monsoon showers, the area witnessed terrible flooding that had caused extensive damage in the area. The deluge, triggered by the river Godavari, has so far …