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Support Water Tanks for Rural Families in Drought-hit Solapur

Support Water Tanks for Rural Families in Drought-hit Solapur

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Appeal to support buying water tanks for rural families in drought-hit Solapur district

[Via Chetana Sawai]

We all are aware that Maharashtra is badly hit by drought this year and some of the districts are worst in the context of availability of drinking and portable water. Sangola is one of the blocks in Solapur district that receives poor rain every year much below the state and district average and because it rained very less last year water sources are completely dried in Sangola block. Agriculture and cropping this year is a remote possibility. Live stock is already shifted to government or cooperative run ‘fodder camps’ and many families are too shifted to these fodder camps for the animals.

Rural to urban or semi-urban migration of men is a very common phenomena in this block and due to the drought this year it has increased leaving older people, women and children behind to face the water scarcity. Government water tankers (through corrupt tanker lobby) sometimes reach drought-hit villages but distribution is not equitable and fair. Those upper caste families (who have water containers) can store water, but those families who do not have containers (mostly Dalit families in villages) cannot even store water required for daily needs. They need water tanks to store water. 

SAMYAK is trying to raise money to provide water containers to Dalit families in Sangola block of Solapur district. Each Dalit family needs a tank with 500 litter storage capacity. The cost of one such (sintex type) water container is Rs. 1800/-. We surveyed 10 villages and each of these villages need 10 to 12 such tanks. We are trying to raise funds for 100 to 120 water tanks. We appeal people to donate money to buy these water tanks. We are coordinating this with a local group ‘Astitva’ working with Dalit communities in Sangola and Mangalwedha blocks of Solapur district.

About ‘Astitva Samajik Sanstha’: Astitva is a small NGO based in Sangola that works primarily with Dalit communities on the issues of livelihood, land rights and women’s empowerment. SAMYAK is collaborating with them since 2007 and working with them on issues of gender equality and working with men. We also are involved with ‘Astitva’ in a short research on how this drought is impacting women. We appeal you to please transfer your donations directly to Astitva. 

Details for Bank transfer: 

Name of Account holder: Astitva Samajvikas Va Sanshodhan Sanstha
Name of Bank: Bank Of India, Sangola Branch
Account Number: 074910110004916
IFSC code No.: BKID0000749
MICR code No.: 413013351

If you wish to send cheque, please send it to the following address: 

Shahaji Gadhire
Astitva Samaj Vikas Va Sanshodhan Sanstha
Karim Complex, 2nd Floor, Miraj Road,
Sangola, Dist.Solapur
PIN: 413307
(Maharashtra State)
Mobile: +91-9822972559

Please note that donations to ‘Astitva’ are exempted from Income Tax under the certificate of 80 G for Indian Donors. Please do keep SAMYAK informed through email or call me at +91-9850516237.