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Revoke the Arbitrary Suspension of JNU Students Fighting for Social Justice
bapsa protest



bapsa protestBAPSA’s President, Bhupali Vitthal Magare and two other BAPSA activists, Rahul Sonpimple and Praveen Thallapelli have been academically suspended and debarred from hostels by the JNU VC/Admin along with other students, Dawa Sherpa, Dillip Yadav, Mulayam Singh, Dillip Kumar, Virendra, Sakeel Anjum, Prashant Nihal, for organising protest outside Academic Council (AC) Meeting on 26th Dec, with the following demands like:

1- Reduction of Viva Marks from 30-10,
2- Minority Deprivation points,
3- Implementation of OBC/SC/ST Reservation at Faculty level and in Direct PhD.
4- Punish the Authors of Racist Dossier
5- Revoke the recent Fee Hike
6- Punish the ABVP Goons who communally intimidated and attacked Najeeb.

JNU Admin writes that strong action will be taken on those students who will provide accommodations to the suspended students. Almost all the suspended students come from the marginalised sections like SC/ST/OBC and Religious Minority backgrounds.
It’s important to know that it is going to be three months since Najeeb’s forced disappearance, however, in spite of having enough evidences, the JNU VC/Admin has not taken any action against the ABVP goons who communally intimidated and attacked Najeeb. But the JNU VC/Admin has directly suspended the students from marginalized sections without any inquiry of the events.

It’s also important to know that the 26th December Protest outside the AC meeting was organized by BAPSA, United OBC Forum and others only after none of the above mentioned demands were either discussed or accepted in the 1st AC meeting on 23rd Dec. The toothless AISA-SFI led JNUSU didn’t fight strongly for the above-mentioned demands inside the 1st AC meeting, but strangely one of the Ex- Union President from AISA fought with the common students who raised questions on JNUSU for its complete failure in fighting for the issues of social justice inside AC meeting. Then we all asked JNUSU regarding the future course of actions but JNUSU remained silence and replied rhetorically that it will fight. But the JNUSU did nothing on the 2nd AC meeting on 26th Dec. The Protest call was given by BAPSA, United OBC Forum and others. JNUSU didn’t join the protest even, rather they condemned the protest along with the JNU Admin.

The social boycott and academic suspension of BAPSA’s leading activists and others students from marginalized communities is a well-thought strategy by JNU VC (Backed by RSS/BJP) to counter the growing Ambedkarite Movement or the emergence of marginalized students politics in JNU. It’s a replication of last year’s MHRD/BJP’s attack on Rohith Vemula and others or the Ambedkarite Movement in HCU.

We appeal to all the students from oppressed sections as well as progressive sections to come forward to fight back the Manuvadi- Casteist JNU VC/Admin. We also appeal to all the Ambedkarite Family (National/International) to support, protect and preserve the Vibrant Ambedkarite Movement in JNU.

Jai Bhim !


Please join the protest in large numbers!

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