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Piyush Ambhore, the voice of India
piyush ambhore


Rahul Kumar

Piyush Ambhore was born and brought up in Maharashtra. He recently got selected in the popular talent-hunt show called “The Voice India”. He has been singing since he was four years old and has won awards in many prominent singing competitions during his student life. He also performed and won many titles at the university level.

piyush ambhore

For the past three years in a row, Ambhore was conferred with the title of State level Champion in Delhi for solo singing. He has performed as a solo singer in some IITs and won competitions there too.

His family belongs to the Dalit community, something that is still a stigma in this caste society. One has to face a lot of difficulties as a result of that.

It is rarely the case in India that people from Dalit community get a chance to show their talent at national platforms. The practice of caste, which has been derived from religious scriptures, is widely prevalent in Indian society and affects a huge percentage of the population. On the basis of most of the reports, it is evident that the caste system in India is a tool to create inequality in society at every level.

His elder brother Pritish Ambhore said, “Being from a socially excluded community in India it is hard to get the place to perform. But as we are closely associated with an educated family and have been working on Dr. Ambedkar’s ideology, we are getting our deserved place.” He also recounted how once when he was a child, Piyush was asked about his caste at a cycle repair shop. 

“We knew the fact that being a child from a Dalit family, it could be hard for him to get a prominent musician as a teacher because still in India most of the people choose their students on the basis of caste not on the basis of talent and quality,” said M. L. Ambhore, Piyush’s father.

Their father is a deputy Director of Education and their mother is a BSP worker. She is also the Managing Director of a Company called Samyak Media Pvt house limited (Samyak International TV). Samyak TV is a soon-to-be launched channel. They are raising funds for the same by organising programs and cultural events to promote the company.

His father added, “Piyush has been singing in the Buddha Vihara and Ambedkar Jayanti for the past 5 years. I am proud to say that my son is performing in The Voice India. It is thanks to Dr.Ambedkar, who gave us power in terms of education.”

the voice india

The Ambhore family follows Dr. Ambedkar’s ideology and has been working among the community to bring many social changes, both socially and economically. He continued talking about Dr. Ambedkar and added, “All I can say is that: We are because he was.”

Raised in such an environment, Piyush asserts his identity by invoking Jai Bhim and also has Babasaheb as his sole inspiration. “I am proud of my brother and he is very assertive,” says by Pritish Ambhore, his brother.

Piyush is performing as part of Himesh Reshammiya’s team in The Voice of India. During his shows, he has given some sensational performances in which the versatile singers Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika Singh, and Shaan have appreciated his singing.

Piyush has now reached the top 5-contestant level in Himesh’s team. We wish him all the very best.



Rahul Kumar is a blogger, who usually writes on social issues. He has also received Media Training in Israel. He had worked with Navbharat Times and Financial Express earlier. He has written a book, ‘Social media and academics accomplishment’.

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