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Help Adivasi victims of forest fire in Telangana

Help Adivasi victims of forest fire in Telangana

I write to you in connection with a ‘Fund Raising’ effort to help the victims (all Adivasi families) of a huge forest fire.  This Natural Disaster occurred in the village of Shanigakunta, Mulugu district of Telangana in which about 40 families were badly affected and 40 huts were burnt to ashes on 28th of April, 2022.
About the incident
For the forest dwelling Adivasis,  wildfires have emerged as another ‘Natural Disaster’. It was the Amazon forest that attracted global attention recently, but it’s time we realize that these disasters destroy lives and livelihoods in locations close to us, in our vicinity.
On 28th of April 2022, a wildfire broke out near Adivasi homes in Shanigakunta and spread quickly across the village. 40 huts turned into ashes in no time. Today is our turn to help the Adivasis whose houses (about 40 families), all belonging to forest-dependent Adivaasi families, were burnt due to the forest fire. They lost their livelihoods, their ecosystem, and above all, incurred irreparable damage to their lives.
Seeking Help 
Koti Kunja, an Adivasi Student from Telangana, currently pursuing his M.Sc in Physics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, has initiated a Fund Raising effort to assist the victims, with whom he is directly in touch.
Hence this appeal to seek any kind of contribution from your side to the cause. You can send in your contribution through:
or a direct transfer to Koti Kunja on his Google Pay/PhonePe: 9502283342
Any meager amount or contribution or spreading the word across will be of a lot of help!


G. Sushma


G. Sushma is doing her B.A., L.L.B. (Hons.) at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.

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