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#Chennairains: Flood Relief Information


Volunteer groups are attempting to organize information on Chennai flood relief from multiple sources including social media. The screenshots below give an idea about how information is being collected, sorted and displayed for rapid dissemination by users. 

Users can search for, retrieve and add information over a wide range of topics that have been carefully categorized as: Area Updates, Shelters available, Aid available, Aid needed, Map, Useful contacts details, Donation links, Need rescue? Volunteer with us and How to feed data? 

For Chennai, please see:

For Cuddalore,  please see:

For volunteers list, please see googledoc:

A lot of relief co-ordinating information is happening on Facebook walls. These messages are enormously diverse as they attempt to urgently convey and reduce the massive scale of distress situations that flood affected people are facing. The messages in broad placeholder terms are appearing as in the figure below, this information in turn is being verified and aggregated in databases such as

flood messages 1


 A number of twitter handles are also actively co-ordinating information, please see:


Round Table India would like to thank Rajesh Rajamani, Balaji Lakshmipathi and Johanna Deeksha for their valuable inputs along with the numerous friends posting on Facebook. 

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