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Dr.Ambedkar and Women
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ambdBaba Saheb Ambedkar was the great liberator of Indian womanhood. He designed the Hindu Code Bill to liberate Hindu womanhood aambedkar, womnd resigned from the Cabinet as the first Law Minister of independent India for the cause of women. That was his unique sacrifice for  the women.

 Today women are on the road to progress. Day by day they are soaring higher and higher. But vast majority of women is still far behind. It is a fact that Indian, particularly Hindu, woman is  a dalit in the larger connotatation of the word. Though the Constitution has given equal rights to women yet we all know the sad plight of the girl child. She is killed when in the womb; she is abducted and raped; acid is thrown on her face or she is set on fire by M.C.Ps; she is kept away from the school as well as from the hospital; she is burnt for dowry and she is made a sati (burnt alive)! We must try to change the mindset of the people.


Women should also learn the value of defiance. Defiance is the oxygen of the social justice. Women should learn to defy such social and religious practices as don’t recognize them equal human beings. They should shun such gods or demy gods and other charlatans as pretend to hate women. They should not go to the temples of such misogynous and misanthrope gods or demy gods, should not seek their blessings and should show no quarters to them or their agents who perpetrate and perpetuate a crime against humanity in the name of religion or tradition and spiritualism or mysticism or gobbledygook. Our Constitution provides( Article 13)-all laws in force in the territory of the India immediately before the commencement of this Constitution, in so far as they are in consistent with the provisions of this Part, shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void.
Bernard Shaw has rightly said: If woman had not repudiated the duty of absolute submission to their husbands, and defied public opinion as to the limits set by the modesty to their education, they would never have gained the protection of the Married Women’s Property Act or the power to qualify themselves as medical practitioners… There is nothing new , then  , in the defiance of the duty by the reformer: every step of progress means a duty repudiated, and scripture torn up.”
When the half of humanity gets human rights only then this world will become a better place to live in He gave the clarion call not to be satisfied, not to be worshippers of the old values. He stressed the need to change the present. He said: “Don’t believe in time. Don’t believe in accidents and co-incidence. Believe that man is the creator of history, and he can come out successful, notwithstanding the odd circumstances.”

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