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Condemning the Brahmanical Brutality in UoH!

Condemning the Brahmanical Brutality in UoH!

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Ambedkarite Students’ Association, TISS, Mumbai


Condemning the Brahmanical Brutality in UoH! 


We the Ambedkarite Students’ Association, TISS, Mumbai strongly condemn the brutal police action towards Students, Teachers and Journalist at Hyderabad Central University, who were protesting against the resumption of work of VC Apparao on 22nd March 2016. The VC of University of Hyderabad (UoH) Apparao is one of the main accused in the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula.

It has been come out through the various videos that students were conducting democratic protest in peaceful manner in front of VC lodge where police dragged and beaten the protesting students inhumanly. It was also observed that male police have manhandled girl students who were protesting and threatened to rape them. The UoH administration has also continued social ostracisation of students by stopping water, food, electricity and wi-fi in the campus. It is clear human right violation in educational university where same have been taught. This is similar to traditional social boycott in villages where Upper-castes boycott Dalits and do not allow them to access basic needs. Brahmanical Media has been silent on this brutal incidence. We condemn mainstream media’s total blackout in this matter.

The arrested students and teachers were beaten and threatened on the way to and in the Police Station; Muslim students were targeted because of the religion. Faculty who tried to intervene were punched and slapped, while being abused as teachers training students to be as “anti national”. They were not produced before a judicial magistrate in 24 hours of detention and till date no information about their whereabouts have not been shared with their families and they are yet to get access to lawyers.

Our Demands

1. We demand the immediate release of students, faculty and media person protesting peacefully in UoH.

2. Remove and arrest Apparao, VC of UoH immediately.

3. We demand that the FIR should be filed against registrar and VC for allowing police to take such brutal action against students.

4. We condemn Telangana State Government being silent on the issue and allowing police to take such action and demand that judicial inquiry be constituted into the action of Telangana Police and the FIRs should be filed against police who have used lathicharge against students protesting peacefully.

5. We demand National Human Rights Commission to look into the matter and take action on Human Rights Violations in UoH. We appeal all student organizations to show solidarity and support to UoH students. We are with brave UoH students who are fighting for Social Justice.



via Yashwant Kamal