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#ChaloUdupi – “Food, My Choice; Land, My Right”
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Nidhin Sowjanya

#ChaloUdupi – “Food, My Choice; Land, My Right” movement organizers – Hariram (BVS), Gowri (Janashakthi), Rajagopal(DSF), Nandakumar(Gnanaloka), Rajashekhar Murthy(DYFI) sharing their thoughts with Dalit Camera regarding the historic movement in Karnataka where more than 160 organizations coming together to challenge Fascist forces and the Brahmanic system.
(English version of the Interview)

Inspired by the Una movement, more than 160 organizations are coming together for the 1st time in history struggles in Karnataka for the historic “Chalo Udupi – Food, My Choice; Land, My Right” struggle.
Chalo Udupi is a call for march taking place from Bangalore starting on 4th october and end in Udupi, karnataka on 9th october.The rally aims to address the rising assaults against Dalits, adivasis, minorities, women and the oppressed.
The movement’s aims and objectives:
1. Protest against cultural politics of using the ‘sacred cow’. Prevent atrocities on dalits, minorities, adivasi, women and the oppressed. Pressurise the govt to take action and protect fundamental rights.
2. To form a decisive movement to prevent repeated atrocities on dalits and untouchability in rural and modern life including education, housing, media, Government and the private sector.
3. To protect the rights of dalits, minorities and backward communities to eat food of their choice including beef.
4. To demand a minimum of 5 acres of land for all dalit families.
5. To defeat the right wing and brahminical politics. To prevent young men from the backward communities being used by the Sangh Parivaar. Educate to change the minds of dalits and the oppressed who have already become slaves of brahminical organisations.

Udupi has a long history of being oppressive against downtrodden communities, it is a form of a laboratory of violence. This laboratory experiment are then used an example to spread violence throughout the state of Karnataka. Though Praveen Pujari’s murder was one of the reasons, we decided to break this cycle of violence starting from Udupi. Victims of violence in Udupi has the right to lead a normal life. There is a ‘need’ to end violence, we intend to bring awareness throughout Karnataka, through the victims of violence in Udupi. Primarily a conference will be held in Udupi to bring awareness, which is the first phase of this movement. Secondly, we will be conducting conferences, press meets and workshops on “Food, My Choice; Land, My Right” throughout Karnataka. Thirdly, we will have a massive conference in the state capital Bangalore, we intend to unite like minded people in massive numbers at the conference, we will invite Dalit scholars, progressive thinkers and literary scholars from all over India to this conference. These three phases will serve as an introduction to our upcoming organizing in the future around “Food, My Choice; Land, My Right.” We will fight for our rights to live and rule, which is our ultimate goal.
~ BR Bhaskar Prasad, Leader of Chalo Uduppi

4 October 2016:
11 AM: Inauguration of Jatha at Freedom Park, Bangalore.
5 PM: Theatre presentation and Public meeting at Nelamangala.
Night Halt at Nelamangala
5 October 2016:
10 AM: Public Meeting and Jatha Performance at Kunigal
4 PM: Public Meeting and Theatre Performance at Channarayapatna
Proceed and halt at Holenarasipura
6 October 2016:
10 AM: Public Meeting and Theatre performance at Holenarasipura
4 PM: Public meeting and Theatre performance at Hassan
Halt at Beluru
7 October 2016:
11 AM: Public Meeting and Theatre Performance at Beluru
4 PM: Public Meeting and Theatre Performance at Chickmagalur
Proceed to and halt at Koppa
8 October 2016:
Public Rally and convention at Koppa
Proceed to halt at Udupi.
9th October 2016:
The final leg of the Jatha: Public rally and Conclusion of Jatha.


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