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Casteism in recruitment by CSRL, Delhi, at IIT Roorkee

Casteism in recruitment by CSRL, Delhi, at IIT Roorkee

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 Ambedkar Periyar Phule Study Circle – IIT Roorkee

Publicly calling out Centre for Social Responsibility & Leadership, Delhi, for violating Article 15 & 17 of the Constitution and practising CASTEISM at IITR 

 IIT Roorkee removed ‘Category’ from the institute generated resume last year after its casteist practices were questioned. This year an NGO called ‘Centre for Social Responsibility & Leadership‘ recruiting Academic Officers from campus asked students to submit JEE rank and category before shortlisting them. 

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It asked for these details thrice in the process: first through email, then in the Psychometric Test and lastly during personal interview.

This same NGO claims to work for “underprivileged” students and boasts of being “non discriminatory” on its website as part of its values and motto (image attached).

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 Following are accounts by 3 students from campus as reported to us:-

1. Applicant 1 was first asked to tell them about her/himself. Immediately afterwards s/he was asked her/his JEE rank and rank in general category. After the student revealed that s/he did not have a general category, s/he was asked to leave.

2. Applicant 2 narrated this:

 Interviewer: “Tell me something about yourself.”
Applicant 2:
Interviewer: “What is your JEE rank?”
Applicant 2:
Interviewer: “And category?”
Applicant 2: “ST”
Interviewer: “Okay, so you can leave now.”

3. Applicant 3 had this to say:

“For me, it was even shorter. He (interviewer) asked me to tell them something about myself and then the guy sitting next to him showed him something. I think he was showing him my category written on my answer sheet of psychometric test which they took before the interview where we were asked to write our category. After that he immediately asked me to leave.”

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From the CSRL website

We strongly condemn such practices of modern age untouchability in educational institutions and call for the administration to blacklist the company immediately. We also demand the Placement Office to put in guidelines to prevent such ugly incidents from happening in the future.


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