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Buddha’s Fountain

Buddha’s Fountain


Dr. Bhushan Amol Darkase 

Kanshiram tilled the earth

Sowed the seeds of Sant Kabir, Phule, Ambedkar and many more

Sprinkled enlightened labour—

Sprouts of change germinated

Meanwhile, the dormant dominant

Churning bile of casteist weed

ate the margins of the fence,


The core of the uprising.

The soil is barren now

Where once the fertile land awoke

now is ridden with poisonous weeds;

The fault is my own

I forgot to water the roots of revolt

And now I know what Baba meant by

“Social revolution is the mother of the political revolution”.

Now is the time to

Pull out the weeds

Own the Enlightenment

Water the seeds of change again

With Buddha’s fountain of revolution.


Dr. Bhushan Amol Darkase is an Assistant Professor in VDGMC Latur and has an M.D. Dermatology, and Fellowship in Diagnostic Dermatology.