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jatin kumar


Jatin Kumar

Dear All,

I am Jatin Kumar, 22 yrs old ( SC). A graduate in English from the renowned Delhi University. My life started in the city of Ghaziabad on the outskirts of Delhi. Hailing from a family where not many people were educated, it was my dream to come to the Delhi University for my graduation, I worked hard for it and achieved it. My time at the University changed me completely; from being an introvert I became a person who would interact with everyone around. My journey through the syllabus of English literature gave me perspective, a perspective to see life in its purest form. Reading thinkers like Derrida, Foucault and Phule – Ambedkar gave me a critical eye for everything around. At the same time, I was introduced to the art of film making and in a very short while it became a hobby. Hobby turned to interest and interest became passion, which reached a point where I started considering a career in it.

jatin kumar

I started searching the web for possibilities in this Avenue and the name which always came afore was Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (Government of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting). I started preparing for the entrance exam as soon as I graduated from college. The very next year I managed to crack the exam for Direction and Screenplay and was called for the interview. I was fairly confident that with the amount of work I had already done in the field (on caste discrimination and caste abolishment through short films), that I would get through and so it happened. I was on top of the world, I was sent to the office for further formalities and there came the calamity. I was informed about the fees which amounts to 93,000 Rupees.


Offer Letter from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute

Hailing from a hand to mouth family of a marginalized community, it was a figure that was scary. I could not even conjure up the courage to ask my parents for the same amount because it would only make them depressed as an 8000₹/m income could just about fill our tummies. I was anxious and as soon as I came home, I rushed to the nearest branches of all the banks. The earliest that they could guarantee was a month to sanction me a loan of that amount. I will lose my seat if I take so much of time to submit the fee and hence I am here on a friend’s suggestion asking everyone who is capable of giving, even a small amount, i would really be grateful. This amount stands between me and my dream to become a filmmaker and my family’s future.

Details of my Bank Account

Name of the account holder: Jatin Kumar,

Bank: Central Bank of India,

Branch: Kaushambi branch, Ghaziabad,

Account No: 3638754588,

IFSC: CBIN0285097.

Jatin can be contacted at: Email ID – : Mobile – +918130168968


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