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A Tribute to Babu Jagjivan Ram
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roundtableindia‘Today is 24th death anniversary of Babu Jagjeevan Ram.

For many, both in the Dalit movement and outside it , Jagjeevan Ramji is a puzzle, a subject of intense debate/discussion.

There are people and political parties who will claim he is the tallest Dalit leader, of equal stature, if not bigger, as Dr. Ambedkar and there will be people/political parties, who may criticise him and question his contribution to the Dalit movement and Dalit empowerment and there will be people for whom he is at best a past, neither to be criticised, nor to be praised, a forgotten , towering personality, who had a lot of potential, achieved tremendous success, but failed to deliver to his people.

But nobody can debate/question the fact that he was one of the most prominent Dalit personalites, a leader who has made a mark in history.

The Roundtable team pays its homage to his memory.

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