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A statement from Perumal Murugan

A statement from Perumal Murugan

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A Note about Madhorubagan

01 February 2015

On 12 January 2015, I apologized unconditionally for my novel Madhorubagan, and I also published a note that began “Perumal Murugan is dead.” There is no change in the state of my mind regarding my withdrawal from writing and all literary activities.

I am thankful to Kalachuvadu Kannan, who has published most of my books; A. R. Venkatachalapathy, historian; S. Tamilselvan, Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artistes Association; Su. Venkatesan, Secretary; Justice K. Chandru; G. R. Swaminathan, advocate and others who supported and guided me in these stressful times. Several organizations, writers, and friends, too, have helped me. There is no reason for anyone to find fault with any of these people, because I made my own decision based on the situation and the state of my mind. There is no change in my decision.

However, it distresses me to see that there are many who want to turn even such a situation to their advantage. I see an advertisement for a film titled ‘Madhorobagan’ in the newspaper today (Dinathanthi, 01 Feb 2015). I have not given anyone the rights to use the title or the story.

I request everyone to kindly understand Perumal Murugan’s feelings of distancing and withdrawal. I request you all with love to just let me be.

P Murugan



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