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Bojja Tharakam (1939-2016): ‘I think of myself as both an Ambedkarite and a Marxist’

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  We thank Prof K. Satyanarayana for sharing this note with Round Table India.  [Senior Advocate, Poet, Writer, Activist and Public intellectual Shri Bojja Tharakam (77) passed away last night (September 16th) around 10.45 pm in his flat in Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad. He has been under treatment for brain tumour for the last two years. …


‘UPA and NDA are two sides of the same coin’: Sudhir Dhawale

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  Round Table India spoke to writer and political activist Sudhir Dhawale in Mumbai last week, after his release from a long term spent in prison due to false charges of being involved in Naxal activities. Arrested in January 2011, he was acquitted last week by Gondia’s sessions court after the police failed to produce …


We want to break the caste system through literature: Anita Bharti

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  Anita Bharti is a prominent poet, writer and an activist for Dalit and women’s rights since her student days. She has been in the forefront in bringing in the Dalit women’s perspective into Hindi literature. Her most recent contribution to Hindi literature was to edit and publish a pioneering collection of poetry by 65 …


Rajendra Yadav: Defying Dominance in Life and Letters

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  Rajendra Yadav (1929–2013): Defying Dominance in Life and Letters Braj Ranjan Mani Rajendra Yadav, the leading Hindi writer and public intellectual, remained creative and combative till his 84-year-old body snuffed out his life. Irrepressible— editing (a popular monthly Hans), writing, dialoguing with friends and adversaries alike— till the very end, his name evoked a …


Kalekuri Prasad, the fluttering flag of defiance

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  Karthik Navayan   I was Shambhuka in the Treta Yuga Twenty two years ago, my name was Kanchikacherla Kotesu My place of birth is Kilvenmani, Karamchedu, Neerukonda Now Chunduru is the name that cold-blooded feudal brutality Has tattooed on my heart with ploughshares From now on, Chunduru is not a noun but a pronoun …