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World Record Painting Event: For 125th Birth Anniversary of Babasaheb

World Record Painting Event: For 125th Birth Anniversary of Babasaheb

world record painting event


[Via Tejaswi Dantuluri]

Disha Science Center, Tellapur in association with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Hyderabad (ICCR) and J.W.C.S,Telangana Govt. is organizing a world record painting event observing 125th Birth Anniversary of Bharath Ratna, Dr B R Ambedkar at ICCR Art Gallery, Ravindra Bharathi on 10 April 4, 2016 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The Painting will be exhibited in the same auditorium till 16th April 2010.

world record painting event

125 children under 12 years of age from public and private schools, SOS Children’s village and children in conflict with law will participate in this historical event. The artwork will depict the following turning points of Dr BR Ambedkar’s life’s work in redefining the social fabric of ideal republic of India for a peaceful and harmonious society.

1. 1917:The first foreigner to receive a doctorate in economics from Columbia University and his thesis formed the basis for establishing Reserve bank of India.

2. 1927:Successful struggle for access to water for all at Mahad water tank.

3. 1927:Burning of ManuSmriti that preaches classification of people by birth and discriminatory rules acting against unity of Indian people.

4. 1928:Universal Adult Franchise (men and women) proposing equality

5. 1932:Successful debate at Round table 2 conference getting communal award with separate electorates for different constituents (minorities) of Indian society

6. 1943:Interconnection of Rivers for effective utilization of sweet water for agriculture and electricity

7. 1944:Limiting of fourteen of work a day to eight hours when he was a member in British Viceroys executive council.

8. 1950:Author of Constitution of India and publisher of numerous books

9. 1951:Draft and proposing the Hindu Code bill in the Parliament ensuring equal rights in property to women.

10. 1956:Adoption of Buddhism and establishing Navayaan Buddhism with modern outlook and vision for a unified, Equalitarian and developed India

The event will be evaluated by VISWAGURU world records for awarding a record for 125 square feet of art work painted by 125 children under 12 years of age in 125 minutes on the eve of Dr B R Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary.

Prof. Ghanta Chakarapani, Chairman Telangana State Public Service Commission,
G.Lakshmi, Regional Officer. ICCR
Prof E. Sudha Rani, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open Universiity
Smt. Sailaja Sajja, Director J. W.C.S, Telangana
Mr. Akbar Mahmood, Artist

 will grace the occasion and distribute certificates among the participants.

Organizing Committee

 D Anasuyamma, Disha Science Center, Tellapur, Hyderabad
R Ravi Kumar, National Dalit Forum, Hyderabad
D Hari Prasad, D V S M Charitable Trust, Hyderabad
V Manendra Rao, Ordnance Factory, Yeddumailaram, Medak.

 This event is organized in association with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Hyderabad (ICCR). The art piece will be on display from 10thof April to 15th of April. 2016 at ICCR Art Gallery.

Organizing committee invites you to this historical event and request you to cover the news in esteemed media.

with warm regards,

 Tejaswi Dantuluri,

 General Secretary
Disha Science Centre.