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Tsunduru trial: Judge drops contempt charges against Bojja Tharakam

Tsunduru trial: Judge drops contempt charges against Bojja Tharakam

rakta kshetram tsunduru


Tsunduru Massacre Trial: 26 th March, 2014. 

[Via Dalit Camera]

rakta kshetram tsunduru

Rakta Kshetram in Tsunduru, memorial to the martyrs

Todays’ Court Proceedings:

The judge dropped the charges against Bojja Tharakam and Ragunath. Actually in the morning, advocates in the AP high court were worried about ‘contempt of court’ faced by both the advocates. The court started, the judge asked Bojja Tharakam about the contempt of court and asked whether he is ready to apologize or regret for the statement he made yesterday. (He said I dont have faith in this bench and please transfer the case; his basic point of argument was that the bench is not paying any attention to the victims appeal over the acquitted ‘convicts’. Rather the court has been hearing the appeal of those who were convicted in the case. Tharakam said it is very unfair on the part of the bench in not hearing the victims’ appeal at all. )


The bench said if you don’t have faith in us then it is a contempt of court, Tharakam replied, I don’t mind. However he pleaded that the victims should not be charged with contempt of court as the victims were already losing faith in judiciary and it is part of the judiciary to uphold their faith. Then the bench asked them to file a affidavit on behalf of the victim, on which the bench can drop the victims name.


The advocates were filing affidavit, the bench asked Tharakam that do you regret or apologize, for the statement you made. Both Tharakam and Ragunath said we dont regret or apologize for the comment we made. Then the bench said Ok, since you only expressed the views of the victim, we are dropping the contempt of court charges. Then the court proceedings started. when it got over at 1:30 P.M many advocates were shocked and congratulated for their stand in not apologizing or regretting. The defense has completed their argument, it is now the victims’ argument, this will continue up to 10 days. Then the judgement would be pronounced.